Calvin Harris (Featuring Rihanna)

Calvin Harris originally intended for the song to go Rihanna"s Anti album. He told Rickie, Melvin và Charlie on KISS FM"s breakfast show. "I was playing it to her for album và she said, "I don"t really think it suits my album." I went, "Ah OK, no worries." & then she said, "But I"d vày it as a feature". I"m like, "What?!""""OK, that"s incredible," you know, "thank you so much," và then when she was done with her album, she recorded this for me."

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The song was debuted on the đài truyền hình bbc Radio 1 Breakfast Show on April 29, 2016. Harris admitted Rihanna hadn"t heard the final mix until he played it to lớn her at Coachella a fortnight previously. (Rihanna had made a surprise appearance at the California music festival when she joined Harris to lớn perform "We Found Love"). Harris told the show"s host Nick Grimshaw: "She was lượt thích "this is sick." It was great. It was the first time anything"s happened lượt thích that with me when I sit with the artist and nervous khổng lồ play it khổng lồ her because I changed so many bits from when she heard it, like musically. I"ll never forget that actually, sitting in the trailer playing it & seeing the vibe hitting her, she was into it. It was amazing."
One of the songwriters is a certain Nils Sjoberg. It was later revealed that the mystery contributor was in fact Taylor Swift, who penned the tuy nhiên and recorded a chạy thử on her iPhone before sending it to her then-boyfriend, Calvin Harris. She also recorded backing vocals for the track.Harris & Swift had feared that their status as a celebrity couple might overshadow the song, which was why Swift hid under the Swedish-sounding pseudonym.
Following Harris" confirmation that Swift worked on the song, the BMI online database officially credited the American songstress as a "Songwriter/Composer" on the track under her birth name. BMI also added the Taylor Swift Music company as publishers alongside Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, who handle Harris" publishing.

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Calvin Harris was desperate lớn get Rihanna"s vocals, but getting the Bajan superstar on his song didn"t prove khổng lồ be easy. Eventually, the Scottish DJ ended up flying out of thủ đô new york at the kết thúc of a trying day, with the recording in a brown bag. He recalled to lớn Zane Lowe on Beats 1:"She was gonna vị it in LA. She didn"t, she couldn"t. She had khổng lồ finish her album. So it got pushed back a couple months & then there was a day in New York, or lượt thích some hours in new york that she had không tính tiền because she was on tour at the time as well. I said well OK we didn"t get the vocal last time, I"m gonna fly over to new york and just make sure that I get it because I really want it today. This is the only day she has on tour if it"s not today it"s another two months, so can I come over. So I checked into the Mercer & I waited for her engineer to hotline me. Her engineer didn"t hotline me & then I was texting him & I was like "is she there yet" she wasn"t there yet. In the kết thúc it was four am I fell asleep. I woke up at lượt thích eight khổng lồ three texts from him and he was lượt thích "we got it. It"s great, let me get everything together for you. And you can come pick it up tomorrow." So he finished at two, my flight was at four. We left the hotel, I had this brown bag with a hard drive in it. We drove to lớn the studio, we heard the vocal once. I"m like "that"s great" they put it on the hard drive, I put it in my bag, we drive around the corner to the helipad, we take off in the helicopter to lớn the airport và I have this priceless vocal in my brown bag. Get on the plane, I sat it there opposite me in the seat, I looked at it and I was just lượt thích that was like a bank heist. That felt incredible, knowing that I had the most important vocals that I"ve ever got and it felt amazing. I would"ve waited six months for it."
Taylor Swift surprised fans on October 22, 2016, when she performed a stripped-down version of the track live in concert at her Formula 1 Grand Prix concert in Austin, Texas. "I"ve never performed this song live before," she told the crowd. "But if you know it, maybe you can sing along and I can get to lớn know what that feels like... Lớn have it sung back to me."
UK Prime Minister Theresa May arrived on stage khổng lồ the sound of this song prior to her speech at the 2017 Conservative conference. Harris condemned their use of his music, saying it was "not approved." He added: "I bởi vì not support nor condone happy songs being played at such a sad event."