Hwang Jung Eum Welcomes Her Second Child With Husband Lee Young Don : Bollywood News


Meet Lee Young-don, The Husband of Hwang Jung-Eum

For those of you who have watched the Korean drama She Was Pretty, you are familiar with the actress Hwang Jung-eum. Hwang Jung-eum, who was born on January 25, 1985, became well known after playing lead roles in the dramas She Was Pretty and Kill Me, Heal Me. 

But did you know that Hwang Jung-eum was already married lớn Lee Young-don? She and her husband even already have two children together. Hwang Jung-eum dated Lee Young-don for 6 months và got married in 2016. They almost separated after Hwang Jung-eum filed for divorce in September 2020, but they have reconciled & decided to mend their marriage.

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Let’s dig in more about the details of Hwang Jung-eum và Lee Young-don’s relationship!

Hwang Jung-eum và Husband Lee Young-don Got Married in 2016

lee young don hwang jung eum husband

Hwang Jung-eum married Lee Young-don in năm nhâm thìn after dating for 6 months. Her husband, Lee Young-don was a Korean professional golfer who was born on December 2, 1982. After retiring from golfing, he became the CEO of a steel company. Having previously competed in the japan Pro Golf Tour, Lee Young Don is also a rep for a golf management company in Japan.

Let’s dig into more details about Lee Young-don và Hwang Jung-eum’s love story!

Hwang Jung-eum và Lee Young-don were Dating for Six Months


Before getting married, Lee Young-don and Hwang Jung-eum were dating for six months. Lee Young-don married Hwang Jung-eum in February 2016, two months after CJ Entertainment confirmed the couple was dating. They went out of their way to lớn keep their relationship private, and it only became known khổng lồ the public through paparazzi photos a month before they announced their plans to marry.

As we can see in the photos, they weren’t exactly hiding while they were out. They were walking casually and didn’t really try to lớn hide their faces. They were seen on a date around Han Riverside, holding hands và smiling.

They looked great while they were out. With their long coats và their casual attire, they looked very intimate even through the light rain that fell on them.


Lee Young-don Successfully Impressed Hwang Jung-eum’s Parents’ Hearts


When CJ Entertainment disclosed the couple’s marriage plans, The agency said that Lee Young-don & Hwang Jung-eum met through a common friend, và it was Lee Young-don’s warm heart that made Hwang Jung-eum fall in love with him.

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That trait didn’t just win over Hwang Jung-eum’s heart, but also won her parents’ hearts, as well. It was said that the couple has the blessing of their parents, who were supportive of Hwang Jung-eum and Lee Young-don’s decision to marry each other & become lifelong companions.

Hwang Jung-eum và Lee Young-don Had A Simple but Elegant Wedding


Lee Young-don & Hwang Jung-eum’s wedding ceremony was held at the Seoul Silla hotel on February 26, 2016, with a total of about 700 guests attending.

Wearing a trắng lace dress with a floor-length veil, the bride looked fresh và radiant with natural-looking makeup, K-brows, và barely-there coral lips.


The venue the couple chose was very beautiful, with fairy lights dotting every corner of the room and sophisticated, sparkling crystal chandeliers. On the stage, the couple walked down the aisle và under a draped canopy with another chandelier & white floral arrangements.


Many guests attended the wedding ceremony, including Hwang Jung-eum & Lee Young-don’s friends. The actor Lee Soon-jae officiated the wedding, while JYJ’s Junsu lịch sự a number from the musical “Dracula”, & musical actress Jung Sun-ah sang the original soundtrack for the movie “If Only”.

Hwang Jung-eum Almost Got Divorced from Her Husband Lee Young-don


Hwang Jung-eum filed a separation from her husband Lee Young-don in September 2020. However, the truyền thông media noticed that three months before that, Hwang Jung-eum & Lee Young-don spotted had a date together & netizens smell something off about the divorce news. Even after this news spread, some reporters stalked Hwang Jung-eum’s place khổng lồ get khổng lồ know her condition.

Ten months later, in July 2021, Hwang Jung-eum calls off the divorce & the two of them decided khổng lồ continue their relationship. Not only that, Hwang Jung-eum also announced that she is expecting a child. Congratulations khổng lồ the couple!

That’s all the information about Hwang Jung-eum & her husband, Lee Young-don’s love story. Their relationship may not be perfect, but let’s wish that they can love each other for a long time và have a blissful family. Make sure to check out other news about Hwang Jung-eum or other Korean celebrities on Channel Korea. Cheers!